Year 4 learns about Sukkot and makes a Sukkah!

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Over the past few weeks we have been busy in school learning about Harvest. In place of a ‘traditional’ Harvest festival this year, Reverend Mann did a virtual service and the children heard about the history of it in the Christian church, bible stories, and its role in the wider context of our community.

Each class then generated some work from their lessons in place of an RE lesson.

Year 4 learned about Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival, and compared it with a Christian harvest festival. They found out that both are celebrated in autumn and are festivals to give thanks for food.

They then used natural materials to make a Sukkah, which is a type of shelter. Jewish people spend time and eat meals in their Sukkah during Sukkot. It is important that the roof of the Sukkah does not completely protect them from the environment as they trust in God to do this.