Our Vision and Values

“To foster a love of learning in an inclusive and nurturing environment which empowers all children to reach their full potential.”

We celebrate each of the school values termly in class and in assemblies, through stories and real life examples.





Our Philosophy of Education

Our Philosophy of Education is based on the principles of ‘Growth Mindset Learning’(C. Dweck Ph.D).

All learners at Grendon are here to “grow their brains.” The word ‘Yet’ is very important to our philosophy because there is much we all cannot do yet, but with determination, commitment and perseverance, we can fire the neurons in our brain to embed new skills.

We are ready to make mistakes in our learning because, we could not grow our brains on a continual diet which requires low effort, so expect challenging tasks. Our learners show humility and grit in all they do.


British Values at GUCS