Nursery Spring 2024 Timetable

Nursery Spring 2 2024 Curriculum Map

Nursery Spring 1 2024 Curriculum Map

Nursery Autumn 1 2023 Curriculum Map

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Arriving on time for your child’s session is very important, as we all learn to sing the ‘hello song’ to learn each other’s names. We then spend a short time on the carpet sharing any news or stories the children are interested in. The children start interacting with each other and this is where friendships can start to form.



Please bear in mind when you dress your child that we can get very messy at nursery, through playing outside or inside. Also think about footwear as we do tend to do a lot of climbing and jumping, running, skipping and dancing.  As we have mud, water and sand please provide have a spare change of clothes including socks and appropriate shoes. A nursery sweatshirt or T shirt is optional and available from Bucks Schoolwear Plus, please see the link here


Snack Time

To encourage healthy eating we like to offer our children different snacks.  We provide milk and fruit but welcome donations of healthy snacks. Please remember we are a ‘no nut’ school.


Importance of outdoor play

Muddy Boots children love attending Forest School, and we are lucky to have a Muddy Boots mud kitchen where we have weekly mud play sessions  It really is one of the highlights of their week! Have a look at what benefits a Forest School brings to your child’s learning!


Healthy Lunch

Lunch boxes and water bottles – PLEASE LABEL ALL LUNCH BOXES, POTS AND BOTTLES! Your child can also have a hot school lunch, ordered daily with nursery staff. The menu is available in the cloakroom, or here on our website.

We promote Healthy eating at Muddy Boots so please consider the sugar content of your child’s lunch boxes. No chocolate or sweets please.

No Nuts please.


What can you do at home to support your child?

On this page we have tried to give you some suggestions about how to support your child’s learning at home.


Muddy Boot’s Big 6 

These books have been carefully selected as a range of excellent texts that you will enjoy to share with your child.


Encouraging Independence

When children come to our nursery, we try to encourage them to undertake simple independent task, such as taking on and off their coats, taking their shoes on and off and using the toilet by themselves. We feel this is important to develop children’s self esteem and co-ordination skills. These tasks can be easily practiced at home. Remember to praise every attempt, no matter how small.