Intent for Physical Education – What do we aim to achieve?

Here at Grendon Underwood School, we aim to build a love and excitement for Physical Education through a variety of sporting pathways and exposure to a broad range of sports. The opportunities we provide develop both the physical skills of the pupil as well as their level of independence and problem solving. These areas will then continue to be evaluated, modified and consolidated throughout their primary school journey. We expect our teaching to instill good sportsmanship and team player responsibilities, therefore equipping pupils with a transferable skill-set that they can take to other curriculum areas, sporting competitions and events, outside of school into our local community and then on to further educational settings. Our Physical Education also supports and promotes the development of our pupils’ health and diet awareness (both immediate and life-long), the importance of fostering high-levels of self-esteem, maintaining good mental and physical well-being, and having high quality social and communication skills. Through providing sporting opportunities to all children at a level they can access, we intend for our curriculum to create pupils who have been inspired to foster and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Implementation – How is the P.E curriculum delivered?

The curriculum at Grendon Underwood is based on skill development in line with the expectations of the National Curriculum. Children are taught a variety of skills from an early age which allows them to develop at their own pace yet be appropriately challenged for their ability.

Through the combination of specialist sports coaching and class teacher taught lessons, our pupils are exposed to a wide range of sporting activity as well as cross curricular links, which we believe are vital to the implementation of P.E. In turn, this helps to develop social and communication skills, alongside ensuring each pupil makes significant personal development. All children have opportunities to take part in competitive activities, personal competition, inter and intra school festivals. During the school day, we encourage classes to complete the ‘Daily Mile’ and we run active break and lunchtimes for all. Our specialist sports coaches and young sports leaders plan and deliver activities that combine skill development with fun and engaging games to promote a love of exercise. Extra-curricular activities on offer around school also strive to provide this experience.


Impact – What difference is the Grendon Underwood P.E curriculum making on pupils?

Our pupils at Grendon Underwood develop a keen interest in an active lifestyle through our P.E curriculum. They are able to explain and adopt the ways of healthy living, embedding them through every area of their learning. With opportunities to try a variety of sports and activities, our pupils foster leadership skills and are well prepared for the next stage of their education, as well as for taking part in future leadership opportunities that will occur to them. Through regular use of sports equipment, they also develop a sense of safety, understanding how to appropriately use and care for such items. The vast majority of our pupils make expected progress in physical education and go on to secondary education as respectful and fair team players.