Music at Grendon Underwood Combined School

To provide the children with multiple musical opportunities throughout the curriculum and led by their interests and passions.  The broad and balanced curriculum provides opportunities for music skills and appreciation to be taught as part of topics and discreetly, as well as for progression of skills, using tuned and untuned instruments.

As a school, it is also important to provide whole class and whole key stage performance opportunities, allowing children to sing and play as individuals and groups.  We will offer a range of peripatetic group and individual music lessons  and will broaden experiences by offering further performance and musical awareness opportunities inside and outside school, eg Young Voices, Grendon’s Got Talent.

For SEN children, depending on the difficulty, children are involved at their own levels.  For example, pupils with hearing or visual impairment are offered control during music lessons.  Music is offered inclusively and reasonable adjustment is made, eg with headphones as necessary.

For PP children, there is some provision for individual music lessons to be offered at school, with the intention of diminishing the disadvantage by helping to promote mental health and wellbeing.  Our policy is to agree the needs of individual PP children with families before deciding where to focus funding.